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  Arlene Bardelle - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

"This is a debut CD for Chicago singer, Bardelle, who impresses from several standpoints. First and foremost, she takes on a lyric with respect, never adding unnecessary flourishes. She also chooses great material, much of which is not often performed. An impressive initial effort all around."
- Portland Jazz Society

"Arlene Bardelle has a sexy, sultry voice which is highlighted especially on 'Blame It On My Youth' and 'Don't Ever Leave Me'."
- Keizo Takada, Record Collector's Magazine in Japan

  Colleen McNabb - Don't Go To Strangers

Beyond McNabb being a great vocalist, there is quite a line up of impressive guests starting with Grammy Nominated and five time Downbeat Critics and Readers poll winner Joey DeFrancesco. He is featured on the album with his trio-including Jake Langley on guitar and drummer Bryon 'Wookie' Landham. The traditional piano trio is also represented with DeFrancesco on piano Tony Banda on bass and Ramon Banda on drums. The Banda Brothers are Los Angeles based and were key players for Grammy Winner, Poncho Sanchez. A real treat too is "Meditation" in which Steve Gadd (the most in demand and influential drummer, recorded with everybody from Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney to James Taylor) lays it down and Joey DeFrancesco plays a style of retro Latin piano and the vocals float perfectly on top. Intermitted are two duo cuts with Chicago based jazz pianist, Tommy Muellner. The two duo cuts, Johnny Mandel's "Close Enough for Love" and Bill Evans "We will Meet Again" have a great deal of space and rawness, in which you can enjoy her voice and phrasing and clearly note that Muellner's playing was greatly influenced by pianist Bill Evans. A somber reflective "For All We Know" ends the album with jazz legends Buddy Montgomery (Wes and Monk Montgomery's younger brother) on piano, and Joe Chambers (composer and player with Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, and Max Roach) on drums.

"Don't Go to Strangers" is a great compilation of not only great songs, but a representation of some of the best jazz artists in the world. We look forward to her next release. – Lucy Simon
Sonny G. with Joey DeFrancesco, Tommy Muellner, Bill Klewitz,
Kelly Sill, Phil Gratteau, Bob Ojeda, Bob Centano and Loren Binford

This C.D. was recorded in two sessssions. The musicians BELOW have worked with some of the greatestst musicians in the world and there is not enough space to list them all.

Session One

Joey Defrancesco, Organ: Joey and I have been friends for 5 years. He is a great musician with a unique talent and just listening to him is not only a pleasure but a lesson in harmonics. We not only have the love of music in common but also the love of food which sometimes is all we talk about. He is a great hang. I cannot thank him enough for his playing and input on this album.

Tom Muellner, Piano: Tom and I have been close friends for 13 years, we not only work together but also hang out almost every week. He is a great jazz pianist as well as a great accompanist. He has been a great help in my understanding of music, as well as promoting me to other musicians and encouraging me to make this album. His energy and take charge attitude on both sessions really helped me. Without this and his direction, I could not have gotten through the sessions.

Bill Klewitz, Guitar: Bill and I also have been close friends for 13 years, and Bill, Tom and I have been referred to as the three musketeers because we are always together. Bill is a very good yet underrated guitarist who provides what the song needs, whether its rhythm, chordal or solo playing. He also knows many songs from the early years (20s thru 60s) and since I also have that knowledge we always look for and work out some beautiful obscure songs. He is also a great photographer with a super photo collection of Jazz musicians, and took all the photos on this album.

Phil Gratteau, Drums: Phil and I have been friends for 5 years, he is a great percussionist and we work together occasionally only because his services are very much in demand and has a heavy work schedule. He has a great sense of timing and rhythm and can color a song with his beautiful tempos. Phil didn't say much in the session but when he did he was right on the money with his suggestions. He is a quite giant and a great hang.

Session Two
(Tom Muellner: Piano - Bill Klewitz: Guitar - Phil Gratteau: Drums)

Kelly Sill, Bass: Kelly and I have been friends for 5 years, he is a wonderful bassist with a great conception of what a song should sound like. We have worked together on many occasions, but his services also are very much in demand and its hard to find a night when he is not working. We enjoy when we are working together and have our little jokes and quips. He also brought a lot of energy to the session, and between him and Tom they took charge and controlled the session. I can't thank them enough.

Bob Centano, Saxophone: Bob and I have been very close friends for 13 years, and has been the one who influenced me to sing by letting me sing with his bands as well as with his combos, he has hired me a lot and opened new doors for me. I probably would not be in the business if not for him.

Bob Ojeda, Trumpet: Bob and I have been friends for 9 years he was introduced to me by Bob Centano who has been his very close friend and musical partner since they were kids. I did not see much of him for years as he was traveling with the Count Basie band and would only see each other on holidays or the band's break time or at one of Bob Centano's parties. He is a great musician as well as arranger and composer and I can't say enough about him except I am very proud he was on this album.

Lorin Binford, Trombone: Lorin and I have been friends for 5 years and is an excellent musician who has done much studio work. He has great musical knowledge and sense that comes from his being able to sing the song as well as play it.


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CD cover illustration by Paul Bond from an original photo by Bill Klewitz